More culture? Yes but whose culture?

Culture is one of the hardest words to define.  Everyone seems to have a different intepretation.  Sometimes it means the arts, and even there perhaps only the so-called high arts. Sometimes it means everything around us: our ways of living, our view of society, our view of other people, our politics, our religions, our sporting and celebrity culture and our attitude to authority.

So more culture in Europe by all means. The current Eurozone crisis throws up an interesting cultural sub text: attitudes to authority and specificallyaccording to some to paying ones taxes.  This in turn leads to trust in authority, to those in authority. With a political elite establishment, a closed shop, does this mean anything?

And culture closely follows and is intermingled with identity.  Does the Eurocrisis and reactions to it have anything to do with European identity and if so how have the lengthy philosophical debates in recent years been of any use?