What will you be doing in 2012: Follow these trends to stay ahead

Trend Forecasting is big business.  It can also be fun!    TrendWatching produce an annual list of their top twelve consumer trends.  And a fun list it is.  One trend they ignore is “mangling of the language”.. or should that be “updating outmoded languages”.     Here are the twelve:

Red Carpet; DIY Health;  Dealer-chic; eco-cycology; cash-less; bottom of the urban pyramid; idle sourcing; flawsome; screen culture; recommerce; emerging maturialism; point and know.

Now thats clear!  Read more about them here.   Looks like they have covered everything, short of complete economic meltdown but they have identified the key audience in this age of austerity:

“the global opportunities for brands which cater to the hundreds of millions of lower-income CITYSUMERS are unprecedented”

happy trending.